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Birthday Donuts

Doughnut Pricing

Best Donut Toronto

Lettered Donuts

Each letter in the message is a full sized donut, roughly 3 inches in size.

Letter Donuts - $4.75

Number Donuts - $4.75

Party Donuts

Ring Donuts

Classic ring donuts, in miniature and regular size. Our ring donuts can be fully customized including glaze flavour, glaze colour and sprinkles.

Mini Ring Donuts - $2.99

Ring Donuts - $3.99

Fresh Donuts

Filled Donuts

We have a range of filled donuts including Nutella Filled, Black Forest Filled and Lemon Poppy Seed Filled. 

Mini Filled Donuts - $4.50

Filled Donuts - $5.50

Toronto Donuts

Novelty Donuts

Speciality character include items such as engagement rings, sports equipment, and company logos.

Novelty Donuts Start At - $5.50

Beautiful Desserts

Donut Specials

Special toppings include extra glaze colour, special effects such as marbling, tie-dye, and add-ons such as gold foil. 

$.50+ Per Donut

Delivery Pricing

Themed Donuts

Downtown Toronto Donut Deliveries

Donut deliveries that are 10 km or less from our bakery. 


Kim Kardashian Donuts

Greater Toronto Donut Deliveries

We charge $.50 per km for each additional km. This includes locations such as Etobicoke, Vaughn, Scarborough, York, Milton, Oakville & Burlington

$10 + $.50 per km

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