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Letter Shaped Donuts

Furry Celebrations

Celebrate Your Doggo's Special Moments

Doggos are important family members, who deserve the same fun, unique celebrations that we do!

Letterbark Dog Treats are the perfect way to celebrate your dog!

Whether it's puppy graduation, a birthday or just because! Celebrate your doggo with custom lettered dog treats. 

Letter Shaped Dog Treats
Custom Dog Treats

All Natural

Handcrafted Dog Treats

Our treats are made with only a handful of natural ingredients: flour, peanut butter, eggs, pumpkin and cinnamon. 

Our frosting is made with toasted flour, toasted cornstarch, water and honey.

Customize Each Treat

Unique, Just Like Your Doggo

No matter the occasion and no matter the dog, we can make the celebration just as unique as your doggo. 

We currently offer letters, numbers and a handful of shapes. 

Celebrate your doggo and everything that makes them special.


Fun Dog Treats
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