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Community Initiatives

Personalized Dessert

Giving Back To The Community

Since we started Letterbox Doughnuts, we have been inspired, motivated and wow'd by the strength, positive impact and determination of our local community. 

Our goal with our community initiatives is to pay it forward and give back through donations, acknowledgment and partnerships. 

We all thrive in a community filled with positivity, kindness, and possibility ❤️

Donut Gifts

Donut Donation Matching

Earlier this year a customer asked if they could donate a box of donuts to a local shelter for Family Day - a brilliant idea! 

Of course we said YES and decided we would match the order.

What we saw were smiles, words of kindness and a genuine impact, all thanks to a simple gesture. 

We are now pleased to announce that anyone can order donuts to gift to a local shelter and we'll match the order! 

Together we can put a smile on peoples faces and bring awareness to these amazing local establishments. 

Custom Donuts

Monthly Spotlight Program

Our Monthly Spotlight Program is our little way of highlighting and celebrating professionals who work tirelessly to improve the community, leaving a positive impact on the world!


Every month we will select a new profession to highlight and every order placed by someone within that profession will receive 15% off their order!


To kick things off (and in the spirit of the new school year) our first acknowledgment month is dedicated to Teachers and all Teaching Support Staff 🫶



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