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Toronto's Custom

Happy Birthday Dad Donuts

Hi, we're Letterbox Doughnuts!


Founded in Toronto, our mission is to help Canadians celebrate special moments, with handcrafted, fully customizable donuts!

Our donuts are made fresh daily and decorated by hand, creating a beautiful, memorable and delicious dessert that tastes as good as it looks.

Celebrate with Donuts

First Birthday Donuts

Custom Donuts

Our Custom Donuts can be made to match any theme or design! 

Business Party Donuts

Donut Walls

Donut Walls make the best backdrop to any party or event!

Donut Decorating Workshop

Donut Decorating

Decorating Workshops and DIY Kits available 7 days a week!

Types Of Donuts

Colourful Donuts

Ring Donuts

From $2.50

Chocolate Filled Donut

Filled Donut

From $4.50

Custom Catered Donuts

Lettered Donuts

From $4.50

Novelty Donuts

Novelty Donuts

From $5.50

New Donuts

Lemon Poppyseed Filled Donut

Lemon Poppyseed Filled


Nutella Filled Donut

Nutella Filled


Black Forrest Cherry Filled Donut

Black Forrest Filled


Donuts For Every Celebration

Happy Birthday Donuts

Everyday Celebrations

Birthdays, Baby Showers, Graduation, Family Parties, and beyond! Every occasion is better with fresh, custom donuts! 

Wedding Dessert Gifts

Large Events

Donut Walls, Individually Packaged Gifts, and even your very own flavour! We make sure your event is memorable (and sweet)!

Heart Shaped Donuts

A Sweet Snack

Sometimes you just want a donut (or two)! Whether it's a small gathering, or for yourself, grab a beautiful, delicious box and enjoy!  

Why Choose Letterbox Doughnuts?

Strawberry Filled Donut

A Delicious Gift

Our donuts and glazes are made from scratch in house, and are made fresh daily, making for a light, fluffy dessert!

Coffee Donuts

Picture Perfect Donuts

Every donut is meticulously decorated by hand, making them not only delicious but all the prettiest dessert! 

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Completely Customized

Our bakery is open 7 days a week, and we are now accepting same day orders until 10am, everyday! 

Upcoming Celebrations

June 2nd

National Donut Day


June 25th

Pride Parade

Pride Parade Donuts

All Year

Graduation Donuts

Graduation Donuts

June 2023


Prom Donuts

June 18th

Fathers Day

Fathers Day Donuts.jpg

Donut Sightings

The Social - An A-Glazing Oscar

A giant custom donut

As Featured In

Top Toronto Donuts

"Not only are the doughnuts aesthetically pleasing with bright colours and fun toppings, they're also delicious" 

Top 5 New Donuts In Toronto

They’re as good as they look! Whatever letter you want, there’s a donut for that.

11 Best Toronto Bakeries

Best Toronto Bakery

"You don't even have to go out to get delicious doughnuts anymore, because Letter Box Doughnuts will deliver them right to your door. Dangerous, very, very dangerous."

Best Doughnuts In Toronto

Best Donuts In Toronto

"Letterbox is the perfect bespoke option for your next party! Letting you fully embrace the party theme, event design, company branding, or that funny inside joke you have!"

Spell It Out With Letterbox

Lettered Donut Gifts

"Fresh ingredients with no preservatives is at the heart of their baked items. It is prepared daily, ensuring that the product provides the optimal flavour"

This Bakery Sells Letter Shaped Donuts

Custom Shaped Donuts

The unique flavours and designs come from the glaze, which you can customize by colour and style – with unique patterns like the space-themed galaxy or ombre-esque marble

4 Scrumptious New Bakeries 

Top New Toronto Bakery

Celebrations Feed


Bachelorette Donuts

“I love these donuts! I’ve ordered them for two bachelorettes, a birthday and as a thank you. They’re incredible each time - so soft and delicious."

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