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Birthday Donuts

Celebrating National Donut Day

We are partnering with The Salvation Army to celebrate National Donut Day 🎉

When you order our Limited Edition Salvation Army Products proceeds will be donated! 

Order by themselves, add to your order, or even donate the donuts - giving back is SWEET ❤️

Hi, we're Letterbox Doughnuts

Founded in Toronto, our mission is to help Canadians celebrate special moments, with handcrafted, fully customizable letter donuts and dog treats! 

Our donuts are made fresh daily and decorated by hand, creating a beautiful, memorable and delicious dessert that tastes as good as it looks.

What will you create? 

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Toronto Donuts

"Not only are the doughnuts aesthetically pleasing with bright colours and fun toppings, they're also delicious"

They’re as good as they look! Whatever letter you want, there’s a donut for that."

"Words are pretty powerful things, and turns out they're also really tasty when they come in doughnut form."

Donut Obsessed


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